Last night me and a few friends were just chilling and someone gave this piece of advice: ‘if ever you need to defend yourself against a guy just strip naked because no straight guy will ever fight a naked man’ Welllllll as a response, this play scenario happened in an attempt to prove this statement wrong. Once I saw this photographic documentation I instantly knew these were my favourite photographs, period. This documentation not only evidences the level of intimacy that can be found within a solid friendship but also the progression of heterosexual culture. As children for a lot of males the foundation of our upbringing was built around how to be ‘a real man’ and to never display behaviour that doesn’t conform with hegemonic masculinity. Now I feel like we live in a world where our open-mindedness can finally challenge these stereotypes and instead create a comfortability with our sexuality. This is now becoming a relationship that doesn’t need to be proven through hyper-masculine behaviour, and tbh I just fucking love that from us all: