The concept for this piece was inspired by a couple I met over the summer. For one of the girls it was her first same-sex relationship and her partner opened up to me about how this made her feel uncomfortable at times.


'I don't even know why but sometimes when we're getting intimate I really can't get the image of men touching her, out of my head, it's sooo dumb but it can really fuck me up'


When I told her about the type of work I do she encouraged me to share this story; 


'I think it'd be nice to explore the little insecurities & problems we all deal with in relationships, social media has a weird way of only presenting the best of what we've got… there's a lot of people out there who during tough times still turn to social media & continue painting this perfect picture. This isn't healthy. I used to do the same thing and I realised that I was just tricking my mind into thinking things weren't as bad as they really were… in the end it honestly makes the reality 10 times harder to accept. It's almost like it's not okay to have problems anymore, when really it's perfectly normal & more often than not it's our problems that help towards the growth of a relationship'

Process Sketch


When thinking about how to represent this insecurity, I accidentally found my inspiration flicking through Instagram stories on the train. I saw this Doc Martens advert and drew over the idea that came to mind. After posting this to my personal Instagram someone told me the person in the image was London based singer Etta Bond. A few weeks after her seeing this post we then found ourselves directing her new music video.

Directed, shot & edited by Tarique Kareem Al-Shabazz