A collaboration with Danish activist Amalie Have.


After meeting Amalie immediately I was impressed with how comfortable she was talking about sex and her past sexual endeavours. I've met a lot of women who feel like society has pressured them into keeping their body count small... or at least quiet. I believe they have a right to feel this way, from a young age men are glorified for their sexual quests, whereas women are slutshamed. I wanted to create an image with Amalie that could represent the beauty in a female's sexual freedom. A freedom with no judgement.



‘To me sex is honestly just like any other basic need that should be taken care of. When we reproduce myths implying that sex should be sacred and only being practiced within monogamous and devoted relationships, we are making room for slutshaming and guilt. Girls and women with vulvas have not been given the same space, knowledge, patience and encouragement to practice their sexuality, as their male counterparts. I am slutshamed by men for practicing my sexuality, it pisses them off because they are used to their sexuality being centered - not mine. The only way to break systems like that, is to do so unapologetically. I’m not saying you as a young person should necessarily go out and fuck loads, but please practice your sexuality - regardless of whether this involves other people or not - especially if you are a girl, woman, non binary or femme’ - Amalie 

All directed, shot & edited by Tarique Kareem Al-Shabazz