40 London based creatives/ friends of mine that you should know about.​


Artists expresses themselves using whatever tools relevant for them in that moment (i.e music, fashion, photography, film ect).

A true artist doesn't limit themselves to one creative medium. Everyone shown below demonstrates so many wide-ranging skills, however for the purpose of keeping things less confusing, i've only named just a few of their leading practises.

Scroll to see who they are, what they do & where to find their current projects.




I have a lot of women claiming to be my twin flame but I'm pretty certain Juju is mine. Juju's not only the best friend to have, but wholeheartedly one of the most talented people I've ever met. This nigga writes, produces, sings and directs all his own shit. He's a true inspiration to the way I work and is probably the ONLY person I take creative advice from. 


Chi Virgo

(Songwriter, Singer)

Chi's such a sweetheart. She's probably one of my favourite collaborators, fully understanding the assignment every-time. Her originality as an artist goes unmatched and every week she demonstrates new boundaries being pushed through her outcomes. From writing, to self-editing and now producing her own music I'm excited to watch her influence take over on a global scale.



(Producer, Singer, Songwriter)

Nahh Bikoko is actually too hard.  When I listened to how well 'Aura Aura' was produced and then found out she produced the entirety of it, I knew she was on different levels. I know she'll delve into so many avenues musically (on some Tyler shit) and i'm genuinely excited to see them all unfold.




Ottawa is a true icon. I can't go a week without seeing this boy's face. If he's not walking for Fendi, one day he's campaigning for Louis Vuitton. With an unforgettable personality coined with an unmatched sense of style, Ottawa's destined to disrupt the fashion industry and I can't wait to watch him do it.



(Painter, Icon)

Violet's an Icon living. There's only a small selection of Brands that I think are unique and I think she's worked with them all. This girl deserves daily cheques because I know she's on all your favourite designer's moodboards!

adualscanned 2.gif



Me and 

Violet's an Icon living. 


Ocean Lewis

Illustrator, Model

Apart from being EVERYONE'S muse, Ocean is the founder and owner of 37LDN. All the pieces are hand drawn by her showcasing her crazy illustrative skills. 


Davounte Williams

(Fashion Architect, Genius)

DAVOUNTE WILLIAMS. Well well well, where to begin. Firstly this kid understands fabric better than I understand myself.

I've spent a lot of time with Davounte and his inability to settle is what I appreciate most about his work ethic. He's an absolute force to be reckoned with anddddddd he the only nigga I know who can take your girl & dress her properly whist he's @ it.


Moyo Sorebriggs

(The Count)

I've watched Moyo develop and define a style of work that's now become instantly recognisable. From selling collectable NFTs to now showcasing her projects in Times Square, Moyo is a perfect example of how so many young artists should navigate through the digital art space. 


Biba Williams

(Model, Designer)

Biba gives me faith in humanity. She has so much love to give and deserves all the blessings that are heading her way. I've seen her grow so much creatively and think she's about to seriously surprise a lot of her cult following with these new upcoming projects. I know you're reading this, I'm here to support you always, endlessss love for you Biba! <3 



(Movement Director)

Founder/ownder of @yagamotostudios

With the purest soul in London, Yags has choreographed some of the most popular videos on the internet, i'm almost certain he himself is the 8th wonder of the world.


Lola Lolita

(Producer, singer, songwriter)

Lola is one of the few people that genuinely influence me. Her dedication and commitment to constantly create something new is the reason why sonically & visually she's one of my favourite musicians out there rn.



(Star Seed)

I've learnt so much from Calm. Her spiritual awareness, let alone spiritual wellness is revealed through her music, style and conversation.

She's an explorer at heart and her soul has touched so many of us, in ways only the individual can understand.


Karl Phenom


Karl is a true master of his craft. As the founder and owner of @aliveandmore he's always demonstrating new ways to communicate his work. I feel like i'm learning new shit from him on the daily. He's a visionary and we live in his world.


Iwana Crystal

(Jewellery Designer)

Selling out in her last 3 drops Ivy is the creator and designer behind @Iviesbyivy. Having watched her journey from the beginning I'm too proud of her growth as an artist. She has the world at her feet and I know her projects are only going to get bigger and better.



(Golden Child)

I met Akuac at a party a few years back, we were both too fucked up but I remember her telling me she wanted to get signed and become a model that'll change the fashion industry. Fast forward a year and now Akuac is signed to one of the biggest agencies in the U.K, campaigning monthly and presenting on platforms like Showstudio. Keep shining star!


Rahman Zane


The universe couldn't have given me a better brother. He's the smartest guy I know whilst also the most humble motherfucker you'll ever meet. As he laughs and makes jokes in your presence he's simultaneously developing a cure for all human problems in his head. I'm so proud of you & can't wait to one day collaborate on the MADDEST project together.


Niko Sundai


I think everyone in my family looks up to Yasmin. It's so hard to find genuine people in London, so when Yasmin moved here I knew I now had a real safe space. She has the most pure soul and her honesty in life exists not only through her actions but through her words. When she says she's gonna do something it happens the next week & that's on perioddd.



(Real life Playboy)

C MOTHERFUCKIN BOONEY. The kid's finally moved to London and is already making his statement. Collaborations with Playboy, shoots with Luka Sabbat & Off-White campaigns are just a few tings confirming his crazy potential as a designer. He's shown me a secret project he's currently working on & I think it's the only thing i'm excited to spend my money this year.


Camille Munn

(Singer, Songwriter)

C MUNNEY! Camille is the true definition of a bad bitch. Her new single 'Love Me Before' showcased, perfectly, the energy she serves on the daily! Everything you see, from her videos to her outfit choices were made, designed and directed by her. 




Dabs exists on a different plane to everyone else. Her mind is so far ahead of those around her that she deserved her own row for this page. She's a unique storyteller who can't be labelled under one practise. I know her next step is to find a team of individuals on her level & once this happens, it's fucking game over. Entertainmentbby© is about to take over the new world and you heard it here first!





Ayaana is just such a beautiful soul. It comes as no surprise that so many brands wish to collaborate & showcase her energy. She's one of the realest people I've met and brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the fashion industry. 




Every time me and Mariam clock eachother on a night out, we just burst out laughing, it's like we both know at that moment the night's about to southhhh. I think her playful character shows so well through her collaborations in the fashion industry. Too many people try to be cool in London and I think Mariam is living evidence that the coolest people are the ones who couldn't care less about how they're perceived.



(Artist, Skater)

The skate scene is so big in London and with people like Dan integrating skate culture throughout his modelling jobs, it's opening the door for more culture to be explored throughout fashion. I know you're onto big things brother and I'm grateful for the way you operate.




This nigga too fresh. Standing at 6'4, Kumbi's presence is one you really can't forget. He shot his music video in London inbetween being flown out weekly by Balenciaga to become their first ever video game character. If that doesn't explain the type of levels he's on then I don't know what will.




The first time I met Keesh her personality stuck with me. She's so obviously organic and I think that's why her modelling career has taken off so well, even through pictures so much of her personality can be seen. Keesh is now a talk host for the HereStill podcast and i'm excited to see her personality further showcased through a range of different media outlets.


Jebi Labembika

Creative Director

Jebí's a different breed. He's so ahead of our time it's crazy. I've watched him explore concepts and develop projects that go on to become trends a few years after he's done them. He's growing at a pace faster than the industry can handle and has the potential to change all the old traditions that live with its infrastructure.



(Model/ Designer)

Sabreena's just vibes. Between making custom jewellery pieces for close friends to working with top brands around the U.K, it's obvious her loving character is going to excel her in anything she works on. 


Jack O'Brien


Shout out Jack for being on his grind 24/7. Having both moved to London at the same time, it's always inspiring to watch someone else who's not from this city, positively influence the culture within it. He's left his mark on the photography world, capturing some of the biggest artist moments around the globe. Now Jack starts his new venture with Cloverfield©, a brand that delivers a chic hillbilly workwear aesthetic. I'm proud of you bro & can't wait for the world to see your hard work.


Louie Akinwale


This year's seen the launch of @omolubylu, a brand that Louie has started & been working on for a while now. He aims to introduce African diaspora to a western world, serving us designs that are bringing a new aesthetic to the bag/accessory scene in London.



(Producer, Stylist, Model)

Haruna's blown me away with his producing abilities, when he starts releasing his beats the world will see how multifaceted this man really is.  Haruna currently models and has styled most of your favourite artists. His understanding of fashion can't go unmentioned & i'm excited to see how he merges his talents within fashion and music. 


Cherrie B

(Director of Photography)

Cherrie is the founder and owner of @outtake999. For over a year she's been directing and collecting 

content for most of London's leading creatives, and she's just getting started. London already owes so much to this woman for showcasing London culture/talent (including her own) to the rest of the world.



(Model, best dressed)

The boy flaveeeeeeee. This nigga has too much sauce. He's now signed to one of London's biggest agencies and already I'm seeing his campaigns fill up store windows all over Oxford Circus. I know he's about to have an international take over & it's a joy to be able to watch his journey from the beginning.




I THINK EVERYONE NEEDS TO MEET ARCHI AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFE. He is unapologetically himself and his authenticity exists within everything he creates. Archi you're a sick kid and I can't wait to become as big a friend as I am a fan!



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Olivia Chan


You can't post this girl on your story without having the most die hard fans from her last tv series in your DMs. She's just as much a joy on screen as she is off. She's booked up and busy rn but when we finally work together it'll be worth the wait I know it.


Jaz Rubz

(Devil Bambi)

Signed to @aboveandbryond Jaz has shown her personality through numerous campaigns. I wanna see Jaz on TV so badly, I feel like she needs a show - you've inspired a whole character in one of my scripts and hopefully one day you'll be in one of my films.

All photographed & words from

Tarique Kareem Al-Shabazz