As we see out 2018 I think it’s important to reflect on our actions throughout the year. From my own personal experience, this year I’ve learnt a lot about the complexities of loving someone. Sometimes when we meet someone we really love we’re so willing to do whatever it takes to make that person happy, we can become absorbed by everything they do & will support them in anyway that contributes to their happiness. We find that their happiness keeps us happy. I think it’s a beautiful moment for anyone who’s lucky enough to meet someone who generates this behaviour. I’ve learnt however that it’s also hugely important for us not to lose our own independence as this process takes place. Self development is important for our health & identity, once we find ourselves consumed by someone else’s presence it’s important we find time to support our own self growth alongside the growth of the bubble that you share with this person. This series aims to show the beauty in the distorted reality that often occurs through strong love, but ultimately how wonderful it is to be enveloped by someone else without losing self-identity: