A design taken from an early page of the Serique sketchbook. 'Driven by the Youth' is a piece made to visually represent Serique serving as a vehicle for its culture, driving the youth toward a more inclusive and unified tomorrow.


*During my time in education I was always told my sketchbook was too much this, not enough that, too much that and not enough this. By using a sketchbook drawing for a piece in this collection, I’ll hopefully encourage others to not let systems put parameters on our imagination. Life is too short, own your shit and have fun doing it.

Driven By the Youth

The original sketchbook drawing was inspired by my old dream car (way before Frank Ocean stole it for Nostalgia Ultra). I drew this car in 2008 when I was 13 as a father's day gift. It's funny because at a young age we tend to think about our dream car or our dream house ahead of the craft that'll probably award us with these luxuries. Now, 10 years down the line, I don't really give a fuck about cars like that anymore but it was nice to revisit this old drawing and redesign it into something that carries much more meaning to it now.


Visual diary:


Serique will never be mass produced or re-stocked, once it's gone

it's gone.

*Right now 'Driven by the Youth' is stocked as a 50 piece design.

This decision was made to encourage people to buy less. 

The past year saw the fashion industry manufacture over 100 billion clothes for just only 7 billion human beings. Brands are producing way too many clothes and convincing customers that it’s normal to buy way more than they need. 

Help end Fast Fashion.

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