Serique is driven by the behaviours of the youth & will always be open to individual interpretation.


Confidence and the freedom of self expression are driving a movement towards a sexually liberated tomorrow. Serique celebrates this movement by creating a dialogue with the language of intimacy, a dialogue that empowers the youth and communicates unity. 


Explore who you are and express yourself without fear of judgment.


Serique began with a camera and a party. Then another party and another. We would buy a mountain of film on a Thursday and have it all pretty much used by the Sunday. 


Photographs speak to our emotions, they deliver where words can’t and drag our imaginations further than that instant in time. The more photos we took the further our imaginations travelled, our nights out became a tapestry weaved in 35mm stitches. A tapestry of stories that didn’t just represent ideas but started conversations.


Fashion, music and art bleed into one another, take from one another and give to one another. Serique may have started in a dark room but our philosophy has dragged it onto keyboards and into sewing needles. We want to express ourselves however we can and we want our audience to join us.