Serique began with a disposable film camera and a party. Then another party and another. I'll be honest, I stole a shit of disposable films cameras every Thursday and have it all pretty much used by each following Sunday. 

To be honest with you i'm just trying to make films.

Serique is just my way of micro storytelling through fashion, art and media whilst I make a name for myself in the film industry.


In 2019 Serique was ran exclusively as a photography platform. I told stories about the things that mattered to me in those moments, opening a space for dialogue through my work. What began with photography has now progressed into exclusive drops/collections that allow my art to exist in the real world. No one manages me, I make my own shit & everything is limited - no mass production or restocks.

'There is only one outcome guaranteed for my future;

the films i'm about to make will become classics in the world of cinema OR i'll die before then.

Either way everything i'm making now will be priceless at some point.'


- Tarique Kareem Al-Shabazz